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PATH release HACCP workshop training tools

PATH has released ‘A workshop for developing a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points plan for your human milk bank’ to be used globally for all current and future human milk banking programs to ensure quality and safety. These tools were developed based on technical input from the existing human milk banking programs networks, and associations, specifically the tools and publications from the Italian and Australian association, in addition to previous work performed in South Africa. These tools have since been trialed in Viet Nam to prepare for the launch of their first human milk bank, and have been adopted by the Indian government to be rolled out in human milk banking programs in India. The compilation consists of a training guide and a workbook, to guide teams through each of the twelve steps of HACCP, identify and monitoring all hazards to ensure quality and safety in the collection, processing, storage, and provision of donor human milk. These tools along with other PATH human milk banking materials are available for download here, and are adaptable to fit the needs of every human milk bank program globally.


PATH plans to continue to develop materials and tools to advance and strengthen the integration of human milk banking globally to ensure that all infants receive human milk. For further information, please contact: kisrael-ballard@path.org.

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