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The first Romanian human milk bank was established in June, 2018 and is now fully functioning at the Marie Curie Children’s Hospital in Bucharest.
The project started in 2013 as an initiative of the unit in cooperation with the Heart of Children (Inima Copiilor), the NGO that had also helped build the NICU.


The team is coordinated by Dr. Cristina Enyedi, nutritionist and lactation consultant. The bank’s activity is closely supervised by the head of the unit, Dr. Cătălin Cîrstoveanu.

The Bucharest HMB has around 8-9 breastmilk donors yearly, generally 3, max. 4 donors simultaneously.

Beneficiaries are the neonates hospitalized in the Marie Curie. The unit has 27 beds and cares annually for around 350 neonates (31 days mean hospital stay). Half of them are mechanically ventilated and more than half are surgical patients.
The HMB has served over time between 2-12 patients at the same time, the maximum number being reached in August 2020.

In the future, the Marie Curie NICU will be enlarged and will care for 40 patients instead of 27. The HMB will extend accordingly.


Bulevard Constantin Brâncoveanu, Bucharest
Bulevard Constantin Brâncoveanu, Nr. 20, Sector 4, București, România
Contact: Dr. Cristina Enyedi
  • +40 (21) 4 603 026, extension 444
  • contact@bancadelapte.ro
  • http://www.bancadelapte.ro