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The first Human Milk Bank in Greece was established at “Elena Venizelou” Maternity Hospital, in Athens, in 1947 and is active ever since.

A second Human Milk Bank operates at “Agia Sofia” Hospital.

Also two additional Human Milk Banks were established in Thessaloniki, one at “Papageorgiou Hospital” and one at “Hippocration Hospital called ‘’Ilitominon”.


“Elena Venizelou” Maternity Hospital Milk Bank – Athens
Elenas Venizelou 2, Athens 115 21, Greece
Contact: Milk Bank Director: Dr Iraklis Salvanos (as Pediatrician – Neonatologist MD – PHD)
  • +302106402360
  • breastfeeding-dept@hospital-elena.gr
  • http://www.hospital-elena.gr
Agia Sofia Hospital Milk Bank – Athens
Thivon & Papadiamantopoulou, Athens, Greece
Contact: -
  • +302132013000
  • info@paidon-agiasofia.gr
“Papageorgiou" Hospital Milk Bank – Thessaloniki
Ring Road of Thessaloniki, 56403 N. Efkarpia, Thessaloniki
Contact: Contact: Milk Bank Director: Prof. Elisavet Diamanti (Head of 2nd Department of Neonatology)
  • +302313323384
  • info@milkbank.gr
  • http://www.milkbank.gr
“Ilitominon” Hippocration Hospital Milk Bank, Thessaloniki
Konstantinoupoleos 49, Thessaloniki 546 42, Greece
Contact: Milk Bank Director: Dr. K. Sarafidis (Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology)
  • +302313323384
  • hmb@ippokratio.gr
  • http://www.ippokratio.gr