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Welcome to the European Milk Bank Association (EMBA) website where you will find information from many of the 200+ milk banks operating in more than 20 countries throughout Europe as well as news from milk banks and about the use of donor human milk around the world. Whether you are a current member of EMBA, hoping to join our association or simply an interested visitor to the website we hope you find this site useful. If you wish to donate human milk, in the first instance please contact the named individual on the page for the country where you reside.

To find out more about the milk banks in a specific country, click on the relevant flag at the top of the page or on the ‘Click for full map’ button to the left of the flags and then on the country (not available for most smart phones).

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He weighed so little; just 630g - Spain

Twelve years ago, after her first child was born, this little boy’s mother had a lot of milk. She tells that if she had known about milk banks at the time, she would have donated her extra milk. As the mother of three boys, she knows a lot about babies... Read more >>

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