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Welcome to the European Milk Bank Association (EMBA) website where you will find information from many of the 200+ milk banks operating in more than 20 countries throughout Europe as well as news from milk banks and about the use of donor human milk around the world. Whether you are a current member of EMBA, hoping to join our association or simply an interested visitor to the website we hope you find this site useful. If you wish to donate human milk, in the first instance please contact the named individual on the page for the country where you reside.

To find out more about the milk banks in a specific country, click on the relevant flag at the top of the page or on the ‘Click for full map’ button to the left of the flags and then on the country (not available for most smart phones).

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5th EMBA Congress in Turin; Message from the EMBA President

Dear Members, Dear Friends,

We are happy to inform you that the 5th EMBA International Congress, organised in Turin in the period October 10th -11th, 2019 , has been a great success both for the scientific programme and the social aspect. The number of attendees was extremely high, with more than 220 delegates from 45 countries, 22 of them from outside Europe. Read more >>

Ethics and Lactation - call for papers

Do you have experience of using donor human milk with infants, children and adults outside its more usual provision for preterm and very low birth weight (VLBW) infants on neonatal units? Read more >>

World Day of Human Milk Donation -

The gift of breastmilk is often celebrated by the staff and users of human milk banks. However in 2010 a special day was chosen to ensure that human milk donation is celebrated throughout the world in recognition of how these special donations facilitate the safe provision of breastmilk to the many thousands of infants who benefit globally. Originally, this day came about in response to Brazil’s successful national milk donation day that started in 2004. Once the idea of a global day had begun, it started to spread from its largely South and Central American roots, to become a truly global event. Read more >>

EMBA 5th International Congress call for abstracts

Thinking of coming to the EMBA Congress later this year? The call is out for abstracts for posters and short oral presentations for the EMBA congress that will be taking place on the 10th and 11th  October this year in Turin, Italy. Read more >>

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