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National milk bank association: No
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The National Human Milk Bank in the Netherlands was founded in 2011. We supply safe donor human milk to infants born at a gestational age < 30 weeks, up to 32 weeks of post-conceptional age. Those preterm infants are hospitalized at 5 different NICU’s in Amsterdam (@ Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam UMC locations Vumc and AMC), in Nijmegen (UMC Radboud), in Rotterdam (Erasmus MC- Sophia) and in Maastricht (MUMC+). The upcoming months we will start supplying the NICU’s in Veldhoven, Zwolle and Groningen as well.

Anne Schoonderwoerd (coordinator)
Laura Bruins (administration and pasteurization)
Isabelle Remarque (pasteurization)
Stefanie Kouwenhoven (dietician)
Britt van Keulen (post-doc)
Chris van den Akker, MD PhD (vice president)
Hans van Goudoever, MD PhD (president)