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18 Planned milk banks
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3 Active milk banks
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National milk bank association: No
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The donation of breast milk has always existed in Russia in the form of an institution of nurses. Later the donor milk collection points were organized on the basis of outpatient children’s clinics and maternity hospitals. The expression of breast milk was carried out directly at donor points. Donor milk was intended for babies up to 1 month. The first Human Milk Bank was opened in Russia in 2014 with the support of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia. Currently there are 3 milk banks operating in Russia. The scientific research of donor milk is devoted to the study of its benefits and safety for sick infants.


Scientific Centre of Children Health, moscow
Contact: Lukoyanova Olga
  • anlouk@yandex.ru
  • http://www.nczd.ru/
Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital, ufa russia
Contact: Nodvikova Olga
  • olganodvikova@yandex.ru
  • http://www.ufardkb.ru/
Vorovskogo street 70 building 12, chelyabinsk
Contact: Ekaterina Dijanova
  • katenocha@mail.ru