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About EMBA

The European Milk Bank Association (EMBA) was officially launched on Friday 15th October 2010. The Association has its seat in Milan, Italy and welcomes membership from milk banks, milk bank associations and individuals who support the aims of the Association. The European Milk Bank Association is a non profit organisation which has been established to promote milk banking in Europe and to encourage international co-operation between the human milk banks of the countries of Europe. The current President of EMBA (2018 – 2021) is Professor Enrico Bertino (Italy).  Vice President is Professor Sertac Arslanoglu (Turkey), Secretary Anne Grovslien (Norway) and Treasurer Professor Guido Moro (Italy). Former Presidents were Professor Jean-Charles Picaud (France; 2015 – 2018), Gillian Weaver (UK; 2012 – 2015) and Professor Guido Moro (Italy; 2010 – 2012).

To read the updated version of the EMBA Constitution (English translation) please click this link to download the PDF.

A human milk bank collects, screens, stores, processes and distributes donor breastmilk.

Donor breastmilk is breastmilk that has been expressed by a mother and provided freely to a human milk bank to be fed to another mother’s child.

The EMBA will promote and support research to improve our knowledge of donor breastmilk and human milk banking. The officers and Board of Directors have been elected to further the aims of the Association.

EMBA welcomes news and updates about the milk banks in Europe and any milk banking groups and associations. If you wish to submit a news story or details of new or established milk banks please send them to Gillian Weaver (Gillian.weaver@yahoo.com)

EMBA provides an additional forum for its members with a special password protected section that includes the abstracts and the slides from previous conferences and updates from the EMBA working groups as well as the minutes and finance reports from the annual meetings.

We warmly welcome new members. For information on how to join, the different types of membership and the benefits of becoming a member, please click here or on the ‘join us’ at the top of the page.  EMBA supports milk banking in part through the working groups comprising EMBA members. The groups are:

Please also visit our partners, UENPS (Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies) www.uenps.eu