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The 4th edition of the EMBA’s International Donor Milk Research Congress has been held on 17th of June in Milan

The 4th edition of the EMBA’s International Donor Milk Research Congress has been held on 17th of June in Milan.
Following the warm welcome by the EMBA President Prof. Sertac Arslanoglu, the first Session started. In this Session chaired by the EMBA Vice President Clair-Yves Boquen, EMBA Working Groups presented their work and plans fort he future. A short presentation regarding EMBA’s new european Project- IMAGINE has been also included.

EMBA – Medela Webinar: More human milk in the Neonatal Unit – yes, but how?

Join passionate leaders Sven Wellmann and Miguel Sáenz de Pipaón in this webinar session to learn first-hand from their experiences about best practices for more human milk in the neonatal unit. The discussion panel will be moderated by EMBA president Prof. Sertac Arslanoglu, who will enrich the discussion with her own experience on a neonatal unit. Read more >>

EMBA – Medela Webinar: Update on virus transmission through human milk and regulation of Donor Human Milk in Europe

Join us to learn first-hand from expert speakers Prof. David Lembo (Italy) and EMBA president Prof. Sertac Arslanoglu (Turkey) about the latest updates in the field of virus transmission, protection, and human milk banking in Europe and their experiences about improving the quality of lactation care and human milk feeding in neonatal units in Europe. Read more >>

Webinar – Human milk bank in emergency – donor milk as a bridge to mothers own milk

The last webinar within the series "Supporting mothers in proper nutrition of children in crisis" entitled “Human milk bank in emergency - donor milk as a bridge to mothers own milk” will take place online on Thursday, June 22 at 17:30 (Central European Time). The series is a part of the project implemented by the Human Milk Bank Foundation and partners on behalf of UNICEF. Read more >>

7th International Congress

On behalf of European Milk Bank Association (EMBA), we are delighted to invite you to our 7th International Congress, which will be held in Madrid, Spain, on 25-27 October 2023. Read more >>

Webinar: How to protect breastfeeding and human milk donation in difficult times: lessons learned in Europe and Asia

Humanitarian crisis affecting European countries has given us a sense of how little is known about how to provide breastfeeding support to mothers and newborns during challenging times. Natural disasters and civil conflicts are indeed difficult situations to predict. However, having a comprehensive set of rules and policies based on well documented cases can play a crucial role in preparing the local healthcare system to protect breastfeeding during difficult times and as a result, to save many lives. More than ever, there is also an urgent need to raise awareness about the benefits of using donor milk under such challenging situations.  Join this webinar to learn from first-hand experiences about how local professionals support Ukrainian women and babies in Polish lactation centres and in hospitals, as well as the related enlightening case of humanitarian aid for mothers and infants who were victims of natural disasters in the Philippines. Read more >>