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18 Planned milk banks
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12 Active milk banks
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The first milk bank was established in Norway in 1941.

The high breastfeeding rate in Norway reflects in the milk banks. We usually have a good supply of donor milk.

In some hospitals all of the donor milk is used raw and in others most is used raw. All donors are screened and all the milk is tested for bacteriological content.

The amount of milk donated is sufficient to support almost all the preterm babies in need for donor milk until their own mother’s production is established or until they are discharged.
About 400 donors donate 6000 litres of milk each year.

Since 2013 Norway has supported India in setting up two milk banks through a governmental project. The main purpose is to focus on breastfeeding and KMC in the units and no use of formula or cows milk. All the milk in these banks is pasteurised.

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