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The first Ukrainian Human Milk Bank was established in Kiev at the Perinatal Centre where approximately 80% of all premature babies in the city are born. The creation of a human milk bank at this location was considered crucial in support of these infants. The bank received support and staff training, advice about the supply of equipment and facilities from The Women’s Milk Bank Foundation of Poland. In the preparation of the management documents, the milk bank staff relied on the legislation of Poland, Sweden, and also used materials recommended by:  https://www.path.org/programs/maternal-newborn-child-health-and-nutrition/strengthening-human-milk-banking-resource-toolkit



Perinatal Centre
Predslavynska Street, 9, Kyiv, Ukraine
Contact: Dr Iryna Lazo, Head of Human Milk Bank
  • +380677556133
  • tsueva@gmail.com