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EMBA Task Force : COVID-19 in the perinatal period.

The EMBA Task Force on COVID-19 is constituted by the Neonatologists present in the Board of Directors of the Association:  Sertac Arslanoglu (Turkey), Enrico Bertino (Italy), Corinna Gebauer (Germany), Radmilla Mileusnic Milenovic (Serbia), Guido Moro (Italy), and Jean Charles Picaud (France).

The members of the Task Force will evaluate the present knowledge about how COVID-19 affects  the last period of pregnancy, the type of delivery, the neonatal period, breastfeeding and human milk donation.

The Task Force will take into account the suggestions, directions, recommendations, and guidelines published in literature from national and international societies, international organizations and institutions, panel of experts, on COVID-19 pandemia in the perinatal period. This information will be evaluated and included as summary in the EMBA website.   The most relevant scientific papers related to breastfeeding, human milk donation, and human milk banking,  will be accompanied by a comment of the members of the Task Force.

The information available in literature on COVID-19 will be updated regularly.





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