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Reflections on the “First International Research Congress on Donor Milk”

The ‘1st International Donor Milk Research Congress’ organized by EMBA and held in Milan on 6th of November 2018 was deemed to be a great success. It was planned as a 1-day event focused on research related mainly to donor human milk and human milk banking.

The Congress started with the EMBA Working Group presentations by Gillian Weaver, Guido Moro and Sertac Arslanoglu who provided updates on the work of the groups. These were followed by the Invited Speaker’s Conference. Juan Miguel Rodriguez gave a comprehensive overview of ‘the human milk microbiota and its implications for human milk banks’. This featured new research results as well as including a very useful round up of current knowledge. The rest of the day was dedicated to the researchers who had submitted abstracts and were chosen to present their research from all over the world. Exciting topics such as ‘the topical application of human milk on the umbilical cord’, ‘the role of associations in the lactation world’, ‘donor milk use beyond the NICU, ‘improved clinical outcomes with donor human milk’, ‘alternative milk treatment methods’, ‘impact of fortification on osmolality’, ‘antiviral activity of the exosomes’ and ‘donor human milk and maternal lifestyle choices’ were presented and  discussed.

EMBA was pleased to see that its first “Donor Milk Research Congress” was greeted with great enthusiasm by the participants who all have a special interest in human milk banking, human milk and/or preterm infant care. We thank all the contributors and sponsors. We now hope to organize the research congress on a  regular basis in the future. Watch this space for details of the next one.


Special invited guest Juan Rodriguez sharing updates on the human milk microbiome micro biome


Post EMBA meeting dinner with Board members Guido Moro, Clair Yves Boquien, Antoni Gaya, Corinna Gebauer, Sertac Arslanoglu and Gillian Weaver, invited speaker Juan Rodriguez and poster presenter from South Africa Penny Reimers.

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