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NEWS from the EMBA Annual Meeting

The 2018 EMBA Annual Meeting was held in Milan on Tuesday 6th November. The members elected the following to be Board of Director members for the next three years:

Aleksandra Wesolowska (Poland)
Anne Grovslien (Norway)
Antoni Gaya (Spain)
Clair Yves Boquien (France)
Corinna Gebauer (Germany)
Enrico Bertino (Italy)
Gillian Weaver (UK)
Guido Moro (Italy)
Jean Charles Picaud (France)
Radmila Mileusnic Milenovic (Serbia)
Sertac Arslanoglu (Turkey)


At the first Board meeting later that day, the following were chosen to be the EMBA Officers:

Enrico Bertino (President)
Sertac Arslanoglu (Vice President)
Guido Moro (Treasurer)
Anne Grovslien (Secretary)


Allow us to introduce you to our new president:

Enrico Bertino, Full Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Turin, is currently Director of the Neonatal Care Unit of Turin University located in S. Anna Hospital, in the City of Health and Science of Turin, which is the biggest national and European health hub. He is also in charge of the Clinical activities of the Donor Human Milk Bank in the hospital.  As a reference centre for high risk pregnancies, very preterm and critical newborns, S. Anna hospital has overall more than 6,000 deliveries per year with more than 100 Very Low Birth Weight Infants per year.

Enrico’s fields of specific interest include neonatal intensive care, neonatal nutrition and metabolism, breastfeeding promotion, biological and nutritional aspects of human milk, follow up of Very Low Birth Weight Infants, fetal and postnatal auxology, perinatal  health care quality, and family centered care.

He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications in international journals, mainly regarding neonatal nutrition and growth. He is also a Founder Member of the Italian Association of Human Milk Banks.


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