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New challenges for Human Milk: emergencies and disasters

Date of Event: 15/11/2022 | 3:00 pm - 4:40 am

Introduction to the topic

Preterm birth is a nutritional emergency and the infant’s oral feeding development a long journey which needs a whole team to be successful. In this challenging time, the mother’s early lactation needs to be protected and supported using evidence-based best practices and a proactive approach to increase the proportion of NICU infants receiving mother´s own milk. Until the infant receives 100% mother’s own milk, donor human milk is the preferred choice to bridge the gap. Especially in pandemic and disaster times, donor human milk is a precious source of nutrition. Pandemics have also made us aware of the importance of data. To be able to analyse gaps in lactation care and implement NICU solutions, it is necessary to track the human milk feeding in the NICU: without appropriate data measurement there can be no demonstrable practice change. Our webinar will give you a deep dive into those important topics.

Learning objectives

  • Support the early lactation of mothers with NICU infants
  • Human milk banking
  • Tracking of Human Milk feeding in the NICU

Event details

Date             15. November 2022
Duration    1:40 hour
Language   English
Time             3pm – 4:40 pm (CET)

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This webinar is free of charge.


Early intervention to support human milk feeding in the NICU – a quality improvement initiative
Dr. Daniela Much
Scientific Manager, IBCLC, Medela Europe, Munich

Daniela Much, PhD, IBCLC is Scientific Manager at Medela Europe since 2018. Before joining Medela, she was study coordinator and researcher at Technical University Munich and Helmholtz Center Munich, with over 10 years of experience in clinical trials in breastfeeding and lactating women and their infants. Her areas of research interest include the importance of effective lactation initiation in high-risk populations and proactive management of lactation care of mothers with preterm infants using a quality improvement approach. Dr. Much has published her work in several peer-reviewed journals and is speaker at national and international conferences.

Human milk banking in emergency situations
Prof. Guido Moro
Professor of Neonatology , University of Milan, Italy. Italian Association of Human Milk Banks (AIBLUD)

In his long and impressive medical career, Guido E. Moro, MD, was Professor of Neonatology at the Postgraduate School of Paediatrics, University of Milan, Italy; he was also Director of the Centre for Infant Nutrition to Prevent Illnesses in Adult Life and Director of the Department of Neonatal Pathology of the Macedonio Melloni Maternity Hospital in Milan until December 2010. From October 2010 to October 2012 he was the first president of the European Milk Bank Association (EMBA). Currently he is the President of the Italian Association of Human Milk Banks (AIBLUD). His main field of research is infant nutrition, with particular emphasis on low-birth-weight infant feeding, human milk, and human milk banks. He has published more than 250 scientific papers in international journals and presents regularly at international meetings.

Tracking of human milk feeding in the NICU: gaps in clinical practices and possible solutions
Prof. Miguel Sáenz de Pipaón
Neonatology Service, La Paz Hospital-Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid

Miguel Sáenz de Pipaón Marcos is physician of the Neonatology Department of Hospital La Paz,  Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics of the Autonomous University of Madrid and  Coordinator of the Pediatric Nutrition course of the Nutrition Degree. He is also coordinator of the Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Metabolism section of the European Society for Pediatric Research. Furthermore, he is member of the Nutrition Committee of the European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition and President of the Nutrition Committee of the Spanish Society of Neonatology. Last but not least member of the Nutrition Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association. He is author of more than 70 publications in impact factor journals and principal investigator of several projects.

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