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Lithuania Milk Banks

EMBA directors were very happy to hear from Dr Arunas Liubsys, who is the Director of the Neonatal Center at Vilnius University and works at Vilnius University Children’s Hospital where he is hoping to establish a donor milk bank.  They mainly care for premature and sick newborn babies from all over Lithuania and those patients are staying at the hospital sometimes for 2-3 months which is why they are keen to establish a human milk bank.

Dr Liubsys has been in touch with us recently to let us know that the plans for the bank have reached their final stage and that they are currently finalizing the working documents, the design and the procurement of equipment. He also shared the further good news that a  second milk bank is now also being planned and that it will be located in Kaunas which is the second biggest city in Lithuania.

We look forward to hearing that both new banks are operational and very much welcome Lithuania to the European Milk Banking family of countries.

See the Lithuania page for more information and for contact details.

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