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EMBA – Medela Webinar: Update on virus transmission through human milk and regulation of Donor Human Milk in Europe

Date of Event: 08/10/2024 | 3:00 pm - 4:40 pm

EMBA – Medela Webinar

Update on virus transmission through human milk and regulation of Donor Human Milk in Europe

Tuesday, 8 October 2024, 3pm – 4:40 pm (CEST)

Introduction to the topic

The role of globalization and climate change in the emergence of new viruses in human milk and the potential risks of viral transmission to neonates are topics of high concern for the health experts at the front of the European neonatal units today. But, did you know that the mere presence of a virus in breast milk does not automatically result in transmission? Particular emphasis is therefore placed on the infant’s immune system and the protective factors in breast milk, which in turn can play an important role in preventing infections. This webinar will provide an overview to better understand this complex process and review the latest scientific evidence on key factors influencing virus transmission through human milk.

The speakers will also provide an update on human milk banking in Europe, with focus on the state of EU regulation process of donor human milk. The activities for a common regulatory framework to ensure that human milk’s procurement, storage, processing, and distribution to meet high quality and safety standards will be also discussed.

Join us to learn first-hand from expert speakers Prof. David Lembo (Italy) and EMBA president Prof. Sertac Arslanoglu (Turkey) about the latest updates in the field of virus transmission, protection, and human milk banking in Europe and their experiences about improving the quality of lactation care and human milk feeding in neonatal units in Europe.

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Event details

Date             8. October 2024

Duration      1:40 hour

Language    English

Time            3pm – 4:40 pm (CEST)

Moderator:   Prof. Guido Moro

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This webinar is free of charge.




Viruses and Human Milk: Transmission or Protection?

 Prof. David Lembo

Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Antiviral Research, University Turin Italy

Prof Lembo is a passionate microbiologist with extensive experience in Virology and focus on virus-cell interactions and research and development of antivirals. Currently, he is the Dean of the Degree Program in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Turin. Professor Lembo is expert and jury member at European Innovation Council, a scientific consultant of several biotech companies and co-founder of two startups. Author of more than 140 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, Dr Lembo is also inventor of several patents in the field of antivirals and nanomedicine.


Update on Human Milk Banking in Europe

Prof. Sertac Arslanoglu

Head of the Division of Neonatology and a professor of pediatrics at Istanbul Medeniyet University

Prof. Sertac Arslanoglu is an experienced neonatologist and head of the Division of Neonatology at the Istanbul Medeniyet University. She is also scientific coordinator and member of the board of directors of the Italian Association of Human Milk Banks (AIBLUD) and current president of the European Milk Banking Organisation (EMBA). In her role as EMBA president, she advocates for an EU regulation on standards of the quality and safety of donor human milk, and set up specific EMBA working groups to drive improvements, aiming to support the further development of European guidelines that create a legal framework for the use of donor milk in Europe. Prof. Arslanoglu has conducted extensive research on neonatal nutrition, human milk, donor milk, and prebiotics and has authored more than 120 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

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