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Born too early – Lithuania

The care that can now be given to babies born as early as 23 – 24 weeks gestation means that their chances of survival have increased greatly in the past couple of decades... Read more >>

He weighed so little; just 630g – Spain

Twelve years ago, after her first child was born, this little boy’s mother had a lot of milk. She tells that if she had known about milk banks at the time, she would have donated her extra milk. As the mother of three boys, she knows a lot about babies... Read more >>

Stronger, smarter and cuter! – Lithuania

You wouldn’t know from looking at his photograph, but this young man was born at 25 weeks gestation. That’s a very tiny beginning for any child and one that sets him or her onto a challenging path to being big enough, physically mature enough and well enough to be able to leave the hospital and go home... Read more >>

Donor milk can bring huge comfort – Bulgaria

The spotlight on donor milk recipients very often falls on very tiny, premature and low birthweight infants. And globally these are the babies for whom there is a growing body of research evidence to back its use... Read more >>

Milk is for life – Croatia

Twins and triplets are more likely to be born early. And when they are, their mother has double or treble the need for a good milk supply to ensure they can receive only human milk... Read more >>

Less is sometimes more! – Denmark

Some babies need donor milk for many days, weeks or even months. For others, it only takes a few days before their mothers are able to express enough of their own milk to meet their nutritional requirements... Read more >>