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An EMBA Statement for Kiev Human Milk Bank

All the European Milk Bank Association Board is witnessing with regret and sorrow the events that are affecting population of Ukraine in this moment.

Among people affected by this tragic situation, there are families of preterm and  vulnerable infants assisted in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. One critical point is the promotion and supporting of breastfeeding for this fragile population of newborns :  in this context, initiation and  preservation of lactation in own mothers, breast milk donation and activities of Human Milk Banks have a pivotal role for their outcome and safeguard of  short and long-term development.

Thoughts of all the members of the European Milk Bank Association are with the people working in the  Human Milk Bank of Kiev, and we are available to give  them any support they need in this tragic event.

We hope these sufferings will come to an end shortly.

The President and the Board of EMBA

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