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Crowdfunding launched to fund new model of milk bank for the UK

A new model of milk bank for the UK is expected to be operational by the end of the year. The milk bank is a social enterprise (ie not for profit company) that has been established to provide assured and equitable access to donor milk for premature and sick infants in hospital neonatal units throughout London and the South East of England. Read more >>

Dr Tanya Cassidy takes Milk Banking to the EU Parliament!

From Friday 9th September Tanya is the MSCA Fellow of the Week and later this month her research project is being showcased at the Science is Wonder-ful event in Brussels on the 28 September 2016 at the Parlamentarium (the EU Parliament’s visitor centre). Read more >>

Lithuania Milk Banks

EMBA directors were very happy to hear from Dr Arunas Liubsys, who is the Director of the Neonatal Center at Vilnius University and works at Vilnius University Children's Hospital where he is hoping to establish a donor milk bank. Read more >>

EMBA International Milk Banking Congress 2017

Please save the dates to be sure you can attend the 2017 EMBA Congress in the historic city of Glasgow in Scotland, a country famed for its glorious scenery, its friendly welcome for visitors and its unique culinary offerings. Read more >>

World Human Milk Donation Day 2017

Throughout the world of human milk banking, May 19th is ‘World Breastmilk Donation Day’. Milk banks acknowledge daily the gift of human milk without which they would not function but on this date we especially celebrate the unique donation that breastfeeding mothers make to other mothers and their premature and sick babies. Read more >>

ISBT 128

ISBT 128 is the global standard for the identification, labelling, and information processing of human blood, cell, tissue, and organ products across international borders and health care systems... Read more >>