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National Association: Swiss Human Milk Banking Committee founded in 2006

National Guidelines: Accepted by The Swiss Society of Neonatology May 2010:
Extended version in German, short version in German and French www.neonet.ch/recommendations

In 2014 the Swiss donor milk banks administered 1158 litres of donor milk, donated by 94 donors to 458 recipients, the majority of which were preterm infants. Reports exist suggesting the formal use of donor milk dating back to 1909. Milk Banks were sited in various Children’s Hospitals dating back to between 1930 and 1950 with some reports of rudimentary pasteurisation being performed. The Children’s Hospital in Basel used infrared pasteurisation in 1930. During the 70’s there were hospital own guidelines introduced, with basic pasteurisation methods. During the 90’s most hospitals began working with guidelines based on international documented evidence, at this time hospital grade pasteurisation was also introduced in most hospitals.


Aarau, Switzerland
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Bern, Switzerland
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Spitalstrasse 33, Basel, Switzerland
Contact: Caroline Peter
  • +41 61 704 18 41
  • frauenmilchbank@ukbb.ch
  • http://www.ukbb.ch/
Lucerne, Switzerland
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St Gallen (2 banks)
St Gallen, Switzerland
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