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16 Planned milk banks
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4 Active milk banks
5 Planned milk banks

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A milk bank was founded in 1989 in Lodz but despite increasing activity during the years 1991 to 1995, it closed in the late 90’s. However the organization and activity of this bank are described by Dr Bogumila Penc in the Journal of Human Lactation Vol 12, no 3 1996 pages 243 – 246. Since that time there were no established donor milk banks in Poland until 2012 when as a result of the determined efforts of a small group led by Aleksandra Wesolowska a new bank was established in Warsaw with others following in 2013.

So far Human Milk Bank Foundation supported to two regional milk banks – in Torun and Warsaw and three more are in the stage of organization – in Krakow, Opole and Wroclaw.