EMBA European Milk Bank Association
238 Active milk banks
15 Planned milk banks
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1 Active milk banks
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Ineke van Vliet, RN (coordinator)
Marita de Waard, MD (PhD student)
Willemijn Corpeleijn, MD (PhD student)
Stefanie Kouwenhoven (dietician)
Anne Schoonderwoerd (administrative assistant)
Marijn Vermeulen, MD PhD (vice president)
Hans van Goudoever, MD PhD (president)


In May 2011 the first milk bank in the Netherlands has been opened. The Dutch Human Milk Bank is located at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam . At first donor milk will only be supplied to infants with a birth weight below 1500 grams who participate in a multi-center randomized controlled trial on the effects of donor milk compared to formula feeding. Milk is being supplied to 5 Dutch NICU’s (VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, AMC – Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam, UMC St. Radboud in Nijmegen, UMCG–Beatrix Children’s Hospital in Groningen and Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam