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The milk bank at the Helena Venizelou Maternity Hospital was established in 1947 and was the first in Greece. In 1985 it was reorganised and the protocols updated. This bank collects mainly colostrum and premature milk however it handles mother’s own as well as donor milk. 200 donors per year are recruited. Donor milk is pasteurised.


Elena Venizelou Maternity Hospital, Athens
Athens, 115 21, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece
Contact: Dr Liosis George
  • gtliosis@yahoo.gr
  • http://www.hospital-elena.gr/index_ns.html
Agia Sophia Childrens Hospital, Athens
Thivon 22, Athina 115 27, Greece
Contact: Not Available
  • http://www.paidon-agiasofia.gr/