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Mag. Wagnsonner Iris represents the national association of human milk Banks of Austria.



The ‘Frauenmilchbank’ in Vienna is financially supported by the Community of Vienna. Donors are reimbursed per litre towards the expenses incurred in providing the milk. This is the only milk bank in Austria to supply milk to other hospitals (mainly in Vienna)

Vienna was the location for the first ever formally established and documented milk bank (in 1909). By 1939 there were 20 milk banks in the German speaking countries, 50 by 1944. From 1960 to 1980, the milk bank in Vienna used milk drying machinery. After the radiation leak from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in 1986, the donated breastmilk was tested for 2 years for radioactive isotopes (Yodium and Caesium.) In 1987 the heat treatment of the breastmilk was changed from 10 minutes at 90oC to 30 minutes at 62.5 oC. All milk is tested for pH levels and has to be greater than 6.6 to be acceptable for use.